Tahko Ski Lift Pitch

Tahko Ski Lift Pitch 2021

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Tahko Ski Lift Pitch Tracks

Tahko SLP Tracks stands for the 'semifinals' for pre-registered startups and investors. A bunch innovative doers and thinkers.
Registeration has ended! BUT you can still register for the finals on 8.4.2021


Tahko Ski Lift Pitch Tracks 24.3.

You will be pitching to leading companies and investors whilst competing for the 5000€ cash prize.

You can choose which track you'll pitch on:
1. Digital Business
2. Health & Wellbeing
3. Investorl Track (free for all industries)

Nostettava Ventures, KPY Novapolis, City of Kuopio, Municipality of Rautalampi and Univeristy of Eastern Finland will be scouting for future partners from the pithcing staartups! 


Tahko Ski Lift Pitch tracks 24.3.

Tahko SLP Tracks offers a chance for pre-registered investors to screen the most promising startups on the three pitching tracks. Come boosti startups to new heights!

In addition to meeting tomorrow's business leaders we have our extensive partner network joining! These include: Nostetta Ventures, KPY Novapolis, City of Kuopio, Municipality of Rautalampi and University of Eastern Finland.

What happens after the Tracks?

The best startups from all three tracks will be invited to the finals = Tahko Ski Lift Pitch Event, where startups will battle for the 5000€ cash prize.

Tahko SLP Event will be held on Brella's platform. Head over to Brella to create a profile, if you don't have one already. Book meetings with our extensive partner network, investors and startups! To get the full breezy business experience, create your account before the event.


A free virtual event for startups, investors and all business-minded people! Hosted on Brella.
This year we paid special attention to our beloved and talented investors - more info announced shortly!
The programme includes:
  • Pitching finals
  • Keynotes
  • Partner clinics
  • Networking
  • Virtual after ski vibes
A more detailed schedule will be published in the beginning of March.
Join the breezy business vibes of Tahko for free and virtually here. If you've already registered for the Tahko SLP Tracks you don't need to register again!

Event platform 

Secure a smooth slide onto the virtual slopes by creating a Brella profile beforehand. Do that here.
Remember that you also need to reigster through the Tahko SLP registration form to get the link to join the event on Brella.

Startups register here
Investors register here
Event Guests register here
Student Team register here

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