Pitching contest

Ski Lift Pitching Contest

Tahko Ski Lift Pitch pitching contest for startups is one of a kind pitching competition that takes place in a Tahko Mountain’s ski lift! The two-day contest starts on Wednesday 6th of April with three pitching tracks, which are

1) Future of Industry
Partners: Fingrid and Voimatel

2) AI & Data in Business
Partners: Siili Solutions and City of Iisalmi

3) Crazy track.

Who’s attending?

Future of Industry -track
on Wed 6.4. @ 9.00 – 11.15 am
1. Cortex
2. Cozify
3. Finno Exergy
4. L7Drive
5. NextInox
6. Residentia
7. Scopesensor
8. Spine Oy
9. Urban Biochar Filter for Stormwaters
10.Viimatech Digital
11. WatchMyDC® IT Automation & Integration Platform
12. Soleaas

AI & Data in Business -track

on Wed 6.4. @ 12.00 – 2.00 pm.
1. Capalo AI
2. Citynomadi
3. Mapita
4. Ovio CarBook Oy
5. Process Genius
6. ResultElf
7. Snapplication
8. Synesa Solutions
9. Vireum Oy
10. 21st Century Lightning
11. EEE Innovations

Crazy Track
on Wed 6.4. @2.15 – 17.00 pm.
1. ActLoop Oy
2. Algoa Progress
3. Asimos Oy
4. Brightlife Oy
5. Butterfly Brick
6. Commu App
7. Compounder GmbH
8. Destination Everywhere Oy / HaveYouDone
9. Finnadvance Oy
10. Hexgen interactive Oy
11. JEDI
12. Marginum Oy
13. Melteco Oy
14. R2therapies
15. Ravistamo Oy
16. Riot Innovations Oy / MyNolla
17. Sonai Health
18. Tavata Global Oy
19. Tepi Terveyspalvelut Oy
20. Sikkum Täsmäkuivaus
21. Noeton

Tahko Ski Lift Pitch pitching contest takes place in a Tahko Ski Resort! The two-day contest starts on Wednesday 6th of April at Piazza Restaurant with three pitching tracks. On Thursday 7th of April the contest heads to the Tahko slopes, where the best pitchers meet the investors in a ski lift! The best pitcher will ski down with K10 € cash prize!

See Y’all at Tahko!

Further information:
Tiina Hartikainen
Executive Producer
p. +358 44 513 2904

Future of Industry -track

Fingrid Oyj

Solutions for optimizing different forms of energy use. Fingrid is looking for startups whose innovations help big industrial companies enhance their own energy use by utilising AI, machine learning or algorithms.

Voimatel Oy

Voimatel is interested in startups that focus on digitising existing services and further processing data with Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things. The startup’s solutions can evolve around, for example, energy control, predictability, factory safety, maintenance, surveillance and location information.

Voimatel wants to develop the energy sector’s future and with them you can be a part of industry-wide change. They are looking for long-term partnerships on a broad spectrum. Voimatel is ready for agile trials at customer level!

Ideal applicants have a pre-tested product or concept and is looking for potential customers. Jury will also focus on the strength of the mission and business model and team.

AI & Data In Business

Siili Solutions

Siili Solutions is interested in innovations that concern intelligent supply chains and using AI to optimise workflows. Additionally, we are scouting for digital twin solutions that enhance corporate responsibility and clever resourcing.

Siili Solutions is eager to introduce startups to new clients, once collaboration is up and running.  Naturally, when the partnership grows stronger so do the opportunities Siili Solutions can offer. 

When we find a suitable startup to partner up with, we are ready to fund and commit as an owner to the startup’s development!

City of Iisalmi

Looking for a startup with an app to promote the Miracle of Iisalmi

The City of Iisalmi is looking for an app that will enable residents to influence and participate in municipal decision-making, as well as provide an interactive communication channel. To ensure relevant and up-to-date content, the application must allow targeted communications. The intended users that the app is aimed at include both local residents and visitors, such as leisure and business travellers.

The app solution must already be working and ready to launch. The startup should ideally also have other customers, preferably municipalities and cities of a similar size to Iisalmi. We are excluding sole traders from this bid, as we do not expect one developer to be able to meet our stringent product continuity criteria. The app interface must be available in the Finnish language. However, we can communicate with the startup about the app in English, if preferred.

The City of Iisalmi is ready to invest in rolling out the app once a suitable solution is found.

Ideal applicants have a pre-tested product or concept and is looking for potential customers. Jury will also focus on the strength of the mission and business model and team.

Crazy track

Start ups from early stage to scale ups looking to raise funds or close deals are warmly welcomed to enrol to the contest via Crazy Track! Ideal applicants have a strong mission and scalable business model, strong team and is ready for an investment.

Registration to contest 2022 has ended.