Wednesday 12.4.2023

Piazza 1st Floor

8.30 Doors open

Badge Claim.

9.15-11.00 Communicating with investors: when, how and why? – workshop for startups

Together with FiBAN, FVCA, EBAN and Invest and Expand Pohjois-Savo

Communicating information accurately and clearly is a crucial skill for any successful leader, especially for startup founders looking for early-stage investments.

In this workshop, we’ll discuss the key elements of successful communication and how to navigate the challenges of communicating with investors during the startup investment and growth lifecycle. The workshops will include group case discussions, including topics such as pitching, investment negotiations, growth, and exit.

The workshop is co-organized by FiBAN, FVCA, EBAN, and Invest and Expand in Pohjois-Savo, and led by experienced investors and industry experts who have successfully navigated the startup journey or helped startups scale their businesses in various roles.


9:15-9:45 Introduction to early-stage funding opportunities
Finnish Venture Capital Association – Anne Horttanainen, Managing Director, FVCA
Finnish Business Angels Network – Topi Laakso, Deal Flow Manager, FiBAN
European Business Angel Network – Elena Stefanatou, Angel Investor, EBAN

9:45-11:00 Founder-Investor communication – workshop for startups
Introduction by Elina Koivumäki: How to strengthen communication skills and accomplish better results? (25min)
Case discussion in groups & Q&A (50min)

11.30 Welcome to Tahko Ski Lift Pitch 2023!

Opening words on Piazza Mainstage. Host Tomi Kaukinen.

11.45 Tahko SLP Pitching Contest: Crazy Track Patch 1

Startups pitching to Angel Investors and VC’s.

13.20-13.40 Keynote: BerggrenIntellectual property rights boost growth and success

Suvi Julin, a technology lawyer and licensing professional

There are number of studies claiming that intellectual property rights (IP) boost growth and success of start-ups and SMEs. In her keynote speech Suvi Julin takes a practical approach on what the studies actually say. She will summarize how and why IP rights impact to growth and success of start-ups and SMEs and highlight certain key steps to be taken by every company. The topic is equally important for entrepreneurs and investors as well as students seeking to understand the logic of IP.  

Berggren is a leading IP law firm. Suvi Julin works with varying types of clients from start-ups and SMEs to international corporations and assists them in both everyday and challenging technology, intellectual property and contractual matters including also disputes. Suvi is also a member of Board of Directors for Licensing Executive Society Scandinavia.   

13.45-14.25 Urheilun tulevaisuus – E-sport vs. sport (FIN)

Perinteisen fysiikkaan painottuvan urheilun ja taitoihin painottuvan elektronisen urheilun
rajat hälvenevät. Ovatko perinteinen ja e-urheilu tulevaisuudessa yksi ja sama ilmiö vai
jatkavatko ne kehitystään omiin suuntiinsa? Luvassa mielenkiintoinen asiantuntijakeskustelu
ja näkemyksiä aiheesta eri näkökulmista. Mukana mm. Lassi Nummi, Lelu Ojansivu,
Ilja Venäläinen
ja Mika Sutinen

14.30-17.15 Tahko SLP Pitching Contest: Crazy Track Patch 2

Startups pitching to Angel Investors and VC’s.

19.30-22.30 Tahko Ski Lift Pitch Networking Dinner

19.30 Networking & Dinner
21.20 Heikki Vilja Stand Up
21.45 Announcing the top 20 Startups for Ski Lift Battles
22.00 Networking
22.30 DJ Sedu


Piazza 2nd Floor

9.00-10.40 Tahko SLP Partners’ Meetup

For event partners only.

12.00-13.15 Reverse Pitching: Future of Industry

Savon Voima Oyj and Siemens Oy

Savon Voima is looking for startup partners to help their 120,000 customers optimize their energy use for electricity, district heating and water based on their consumption data. The basis is a newly developed API interface and key features are the collection, processing and compilation of energy consumption data into a format that enables the customers’ own optimization measures. The solution can also combine home automation to optimization insights.

For startups, this is an opportunity to develop and build themselves a business together with Savon Voima by helping their customers. Since the API is a new build, startups can influence the published data and its structure. Savon Voima is also interested in expanding cooperation after implementation, as development activities around the theme will increase in the future. They are looking for an innovative team who understands the data and it’s use and has the ability to develop and envision future services for energy optimization that benefits our customers.

Siemens is looking for innovations that can bring new added value to property & industrial energy solutions and energy infrastructure. They are especially interested in software-based solutions. Interesting perspectives on the subject include, for example, data analytics, cyber security, IoT solutions, flexible services, microgrids and preventive maintenance.

If a match is found, the cooperation can enable the startup an access to Siemens’ customers. At the same time, Siemens wants to help startups develop with the network and know-how of a multi-national & multi-industrial company. In the later stages, Siemens has a possibility to help potential startups scale their own operations with the help of their Next47 venture company.

14.15-15.15 Reverse Pitching: Consumer Goods and Services


Together with startups, PeeÄssä wants to build new, frequently used services suitable for everyday life, as well as interaction channels between the company and its 122,000 client-owners. The client-owners and the value they experience are a central part of PeeÄssä’s operations, so new services aimed at them and digital interaction solutions for different meeting points are central cornerstones of PeeÄssä’s future.

PeeÄssä is looking for long-term and long-span partners with whom to develop operations in the coming years to better meet the needs of its customers. When suitable matches are found, PeeÄssä is interested in offering startups a unique opportunity to enter Finland’s largest trading company. If joint activities are successful, PeeÄssä wants to help startups scale their own activities within the S Group.

15.30-18.00 Kuopio Health Side-event

Kuopio Health side event is targeted at investors, health and wellbeing startups, and Kuopio Health members. The event offers an opportunity for networking and making new contacts. Participation is free of charge, but pre-registration is required. 

Kuopio Health’s whole team is present at the event. You are warmly welcome! 

Further info and registration here

Open for all.


Piazza Cervina 1st Floor

9.00-18.00 Matchmaking supported by KPY Novapolis


Piazza Terrace, 1st Floor

9.00-17.00 Relax & Harmony Room (to make sure that Pipo ei kiristä!)

Supported by City of Kuopio the Capital of Good Life.


Break Sokos Hotel 2nd Floor

9.30-11.15 Student track Idea Contest Final

Pitching Contest for Students and Student teams. Further info.

12.00-13.00 Job-Search Tips for Students I Supported by Osuma Henkilöstöpalvelut

Do you find job-search challenging? Do you wonder how to make good CV or cover letter? Well, you are not alone because job seeking demands salemanship in which competition is hard. 

Come listen to our job-seeking experts who will provide great job-seeking tips for you. We give you clear tip show to get into job-seeking market and how to stand out from others. We go through basic stuff related to job-search and even more! We also answer to your questions so feel feer to ask. 

After the session you are ahead of others in job-seeking market. Session provides you easy steps getting your first job or to landing a new job.  

Session is intented to everyone who is interested in job-seeking. It also good for companies because after the session companies know what to expect from job-seekers. 

14.30-15.15 Hallituspartnerit Itä-Suomi ry (Association of Board Partners in Eastern Finland) I
How startups and growth companies can benefit from active board work and board members

Board Clinic offers a keynote by angel investor, startup enthusiast and rewarded board professional Ilkka Kaikuvuo, who has been in active role in startups and growth companies like Framery and Surveypal. Kaikuvuo is also an angel investor in 20+ companies in Something-as-as-Service, smart offices and various other industries. He is interested in growth and learning new things. Ilkka is also ok-ish endurance athlete.

In his keynote Ilkka will reveal “dos and donts” how startups should and should not use active board work in their tool box. After Ilkka’s keynote participants will discuss in groups how startups and growth companies can benefit from active board work and members.

Thursday 13.4.2023

Break Sokos Hotel 2nd Floor

Investors’ Breakfast

8:30-9:00 Tilaisuuden alussa verkostoitumista, pientä purtavaa
Klo 9:00 Tervetuloa!
Klo 9:05 Enkelisijoittaminen Suomessa 2022, Deal Flow Manager, Topi Laakso, FiBAN
Klo 9:35 Tahko kohti kansainvälistä liiketoimintaa, hallituksen puheenjohtaja, Pekka Vihma, TAHKOcom
klo 10:15 Kommenttipuheenvuoro, elinkeinojohtaja Jukka Pitkänen, Kuopion kaupunki
klo 10:25 Aluematkailun loppuyhteenveto, toimitusjohtaja Mikko Junttila, Osuuskauppa PeeÄssä
klo 10:35 Keskustelua

For Investors and Invited guests only. Will be held in Finnish.

Investors pre-registration: Registrate.


Panorama bar – Pavilion

10.00-12.00 and 13.00-16.00 Matchmaking


Panorama Stage

11.30 Welcome to Tahko Ski Lift Pitch Day 2!

Host Tomi Kaukinen.

11.45 Pitching Contest I First Patch of Semifinal Pitches on Screen

Top 20 startups pitching to Investors in a ski lift.

12-13 Speed Dating with Investors 4 Startups

Short face-to-face meetings with investors is a great opportunity to find out whether you have a
mutual interest. Building rapport and connection on a first meeting is anything but easy. You
will get the chance to meet investors for 5-10 minutes on a round table tactic and build a
dialogue with them. Here is your opportunity to learn how to make memorable exchanges that
will benefit you in the future. Location: Panorama Pavilion.

12.30 Pitching Contest I Announcing the Best 10 Start Ups for the Battle!

12.40 Tahko Ski Lift Pitch After Ski I DJ Sedu

13.15 Pitching Contest I Battle Pitches on Screen

Top 10 startups pitching to Investors in a ski lift.

14.20 Pitching Contest I Announcing the top 5 Start Ups for Roast

14.30-15.30 Pitching Contest I Roast

Jury members roasting top 5 startups!

15.30 Tahko Ski Lift Pitch After Ski I DJ Sedu

16.00 Announcing the Winner of Tahko Ski Lift Pitch 2023!

16.15 Thank you and see you next year 2024!

Skiing and snowboarding all day long!

Event programme and schedule is subjects to change. We hold all rights to changes or cancellation.