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Tahko Ski Lift Pitch pitching contest for startups is one of a kind pitching competition that takes place in a Tahko Mountain’s ski lift! The two-day contest starts on Wednesday 6th of April with three pitching tracks, which are

1) Future of Industry,

2) AI & Data in Business and

3) Crazy track.

On Thursday 7th of April contest moves to the Tahko slopes, where the best pitchers meet the investors in a ski lift! The best pitcher will ski down with 10000 € cash prize!

If your business idea and / or solutions fits under the Tracks Future of Industry or AI & Data in Busines you can apply to the contest via either of these tracks. At one go you will face both partner organizations who are looking for innovative solutions to their business challenge and participate to pitching contest for €10K! If you’re, instead, looking for investor, new board member or just willing to pitch for the grand prize €10K then applying to Crazy Track is the first step for you!

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Why to attend


Be part of the coolest ecosystem in the Lakeland Finland made up of the business professionals, investors, academic institutions and civic leaders from Finland and beyond.


You will be closer to receiving investments, mentors, potential board members and new customers to help your business to grow!

Pitch contest

Participating to Tahko Ski Lift Pitch contest might mean a double win for you! While pitching your idea straight to Partner organisation’s representatives, Angel investors and Venture capitalist, you are closer to close a deal or receive capital. At the same time you will take part to the pitching contest, where the best pitcher gets the 10 000 € prize.

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Who’s attending

[To be announced onFebruary2022]