Where it all started

The initial idea of Tahko Ski Lift Pitch was born on February 16th, 2016, when Kuopio Region Chamber of Commerce’s Growth Committee representatives noticed the absence of regional startup oriented event, that gave rise to the idea of Tahko Ski Lift Pitch.

One thing led to another and the first Tahko Ski Lift Pitch was organized in April 2017 – The core idea of the event was giving a pitch in a ski lift (or as we say it in Finnish: ‘hissipuhe hiihtohississä’). Immediate feedback addressed that the need for the pitch event was real and vivid.

Now, five years later Tahko Ski Lift Pitch is facing a new chapter: our successful pitch event is transforming what was originally a small group of people working within the Kuopio Region Chamber of Commerce into what is now the larger SLP Growth Community which consists of business professionals, investors, academic institutions, and civic leaders from Finland and beyond. SLP Growth Community’s aim is to build positive and encouraging growth company culture to the region.

SLP Growth Community

North Savo Growth Community project aims to produce sustainably viable and distinctive startup-culture to North Savo. The projects’ goal is to excelerate new startup companies founding process and emerge new research-driven business ideas in the area. The project aims to support renewal of area’s economic life and founding of new potential export companies.

Student’s, talents, startup’s ja research teams participate Growth Community’s knowledge and solution-based production. Project also promote internationalization and increases the attractiveness of the region among students, talents, companies and investors.

Projects’ main target groups are

– Young students, talents and research teams

– Startup’s in different stages

– Investors

Kuopio Region Chamber of Commerce

The mission of the Kuopio Region Chamber of Commerce is to be a driving force for change so that our business environment develops regionally and succeeds internationally. By our vision over 500 Northern Savonia’s companies will operate internationally in 2030. (Tahko) Ski Lift Pitch Growth Community and Export2X -path represents the strategic priorities of Kuopio Region Chamber of Commerce.

Strategic partners

Networks and local ecosystem

The foundation of the SLP Growth Community is its partners and members. The common mission is to support growth and create more opportunities to innovative and brave talents in the region. Get to know Growth Community’s strategic partners.

SLP Growth Community works closely with local and international business professionals, investors, academic institutions, and civic leaders.

Kuopio Region Chamber of Commerce’s and SLP Growth Community Strategic Partners’ main mission is to turn good ideas into groundbreaking ones. Not only by combining creativity and knowledge but also working together allows us to support individual and business growth.

SLP Growth Community will operate throughout the year. More detailed calendar and event info can be seen here.

Kuopio Region Chamber of Commerce’s ERDF-funded project: Pohjois-Savon kasvu- ja innovaatioyhteistyö (also “Ski Lift Pitch Growth Community” project code: A78661) funded by Pohjois-Savon liitto.