Upcoming events

SLP Growth Community

The foundation of the SLP Growth Community is its partners and members. The common mission is to support growth and create more opportunities to innovative and brave talents in the region. Get to know Growth Community’s strategic partners.

SLP Growth Community works closely with local and international business professionals, investors, academic institutions, and civic leaders.

Kuopio Region Chamber of Commerce’s and SLP Growth Community Strategic Partners’ main mission is to turn good ideas into groundbreaking ones. Not only by combining creativity and knowledge but also working together allows us to support individual and business growth.

SLP Growth Community will operate throughout the year. More detailed calendar and event info can be seen below.

Free events are provided by Kuopio Region Chamber of Commerce’s launched ERDF-funded Pohjois-Savon kasvu- ja innovaatioyhteistyö project (also “Ski Lift Pitch Growth Community” project code: A78661) project funded by Pohjois-Savon liitto. More about the project: https://www.tahkoslp.com/community/