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AI Methods

Location: Madrid, Spain

AI Methods is revolutionizing the weather information provided to the aviation industry. By applying artificial intelligence on a combination of forecast and observation data, we provide the most accurate and precise weather situational awareness to the aviation community.

Aisti Corporation Oy

Location: Jyväskylä, Finland

Aisti is replacing mineral wools with a sustainable, patented, and recyclable product. First of a kind acoustic tile ticking all of the boxes: High-performing, low cost and sustainable: easy to recycle, plastic-free and irritation-free tile.


Location: Kuopio, Finland

Aplikaatio lievistä muistisairauksista kärsiville potilaille. Aplikaatio seuraa potilasta arjessa keräten dataa potilaan muistisairauden kehittymisestä, avustaen tätä samalla eteen tulevissa ongelma tai vaaratilanteissa.

Avolve Nordic Finland Oy

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Avolve Nordic is a fashion-tech company specializing in intelligent heated clothing that prioritizes your well-being to enhance your everyday winter lifestyle. Our premium wear is designed for fall, winter, and spring, seamlessly combining fashion and tech to provide personalized comfort for a better quality of life.

Circutus Oy

Location: Joensuu, Finland

Circutus is a peer-to-peer rental platform for everyday items where everyone can rent or list items and do good for others and our planet. We are solving the stuff problem. We people have storages full of stuff we ‘kind of need’. On the other hand, we would appreciate some extra cash and it wouldn’t harm doing good for nature and the community. There is other side of the same story. People willing to experience things, but not wanting to buy new. They want to spend less and consume sustainable. All this must be easy and bring smile to their face.


Location: Kuopio, Finland

CorFlux is revolutionizing aortic aneurysm risk assessment. Unlike current methods solely based on aortic diameter, our cutting-edge software considers multiple factors, preventing over 30% of ruptures that occur below surgical thresholds. This translates to lives saved. Our solution empowers hospitals with an advanced, life-saving risk analysis tool. CorFlux simplifies identification of high-risk patients, providing crucial decision support for physicians. This not only enhances patient outcomes but also reduces healthcare costs by up to 80%, sparing low-risk patients from unnecessary, expensive follow-up imaging. We are reshaping the future of aortic aneurysm care and healthcare economics.

Edge to Edge

Location: Espoo, Finland

Edge to Edge creates, develops and build Edge Data Center. Edge Data Centers are used to provide ultra high-speed connectivity of data to business and users. Edge data centers are designed to process time sensitive data faster. It uses Edge Computing and Edge Caching.

EduZolve Oy

Location: Joensuu, Finland

EduZolve Oy is a Finnish Ed-tech company transforming high school examinations in West Africa. Eduzolve products will transform high school examinations in West Africa and reduce educational inequality in West African Countries.


Location: Sanem, Luxemburg

Social media of emblems. Emblems are representative digital art serving as advertisement for companies or institutions, for places, events and experiences. They serve as souvenirs for collectors. We revolutionize the digital advertisement industry, making people collect ad instead of being forced to watch it.

FinnPole Oy

Location: Jyväskylä, Finland

We build products that improve work ergonomics, safety, and speed for professional builders. There are many work steps on construction sites that are dangerous, poor ergonomics burdens workers and the work steps are slow to perform. We have solved a safer and more ergonomic way of working with our tools for different work phases. We design the products in cooperation with the users, we make our products according to the need.


Location: Tartu, Estonia

World’s first truly microtubular solid oxide fuel cells. Unprecedented power at unprecedented size. We power your drones, off-grid equipment, IoT and portable devices, and space equipment.


Location: Tampere, Finland

Im.Engine is a compact lensless phase microscope that eliminates the need for sample preparation.
Our team is pioneering a compact lensless phase microscope set to revolutionize microscopy and imaging technology. Unlike traditional microscopes, it achieves high-resolution imaging without imaging objectives. Thanks to its robust design, this non-invasive phase microscope is versatile, finding applications in various biological laboratories and challenging environments. It operates on computational principles: replacing lenses with algorithms, simplifying hardware, reducing production costs, and making it portable. With the power to provide label-free, harmless specimen exposure, it paves the way to enhance global healthcare monitoring, enabling point-of-care diagnosis and aiding the integration of AI in public health.

Im.engine – pocket size microscope | Tampere universities (

iNPH Monitoring tool / Andrius Penkauskas

Location: Kuopio, Finland

Our project aims to enhance postoperative monitoring and provide personalized care for patients with idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus (iNPH). Due to resource constraints and the older age of individuals with iNPH, in-person cognitive and functional assessments are limited, hindering effective tracking of patient progress. To address this, we present a machine learning-based monitoring tool. This tool enables standardized data collection, remote self-assessment, and more objective measurements, helping to enhance understanding of surgery outcomes and promoting proactive, personalized care for subjects with iNPH.


Location: Nicosia, Cyprus

Commercially available devices used to study cancer metastasis in vitro have several limitations that reduce their validity and limit their in vivo translational potential. Therefore, we have designed, characterized, and developed a novel device, termed InvasiCell, for studying cancer cell metastasis. Characterization of InvasiCell has shown that the novel can closely mimic several aspects of the tumor far better than any single existing assay or device found in the market or published literature. Furthermore, the high physiological relevance of the conditions inside InvasiCell allows cancer progression to take place outside a living organism, thus providing unique opportunities for identifying potential novel therapeutic targets or prognostic markers. Therefore, InvasiCell characteristics ensure the device will be able to penetrate within three already established market areas: 1) the academic/research field. 2) pharmaceutical companies. 3) the diagnostic industry.

InvasiCell: Development of a novel device that can faithfully mimic the tumor microenvironment – Cyprus Seeds

LeapSEQ / Wim Cuypers

Location: Antwerpen, Belgium

Wim Cuypers is a postdoctoral researcher at the Adrem Data Lab at the University of Antwerp, and is fascinated by bioinformatics, microbial genomics, microbiology and infectious diseases. Within the branch of the Adrem Data Lab headed by Prof. Kris Laukens, Dr. Cuypers’ principal objective centres around harnessing the revolutionary capabilities of nanopore sequencing technology for the purpose of pathogen monitoring.

About Wim Cuypers | Wim Cuypers | University of Antwerp (

Panoptes Therapeutics

Location: Kuopio, Finland

Leinonen Retina Laboratory´s (Panoptes Therapeutics) research focuses on two projects: (1) Homeostatic plasticity in the retina, its molecular mechanisms and implications for functional adaptation; (2) investigation of a novel drug repurposing-strategy for the treatment of retinal degenerations (RD). We use the retina as a model tissue for plasticity, pharmacology and drug discovery research for several reasons, such as amenability for noninvasive imaging due to eye’s transparency, finely layered structure and well-characterized structure-function relationships, functional similarity to that of brain due to same neurodevelopmental origin. Arguably, the retina is the best-characterized neuronal system in the body.

Leinonen Retina Laboratory – UEFConnect

Location: Espoo, Finland
Play cards and learn languages! New game with playing cards. For tourists, immigrants, students, families, gamers.

Macon Oy / co2Market

Location: Oulu, Finland

Bio economy and circular economy bring huge business opportunities. We will help you to achieve them.

Oinride Oy

Location: Tampere, Finland

Oinride is a Finnish robotics company at the forefront of transforming the mining industry. Our flagship product, AutoJoe®, is a robust and agile mobile robot designed for safety in challenging mining environments. Paired with our advanced ControlWire® software, we optimize fleet management, provide real-time insights, and streamline production processes. Committed to innovation, Oinride is reshaping the mining landscape, prioritizing safety, and enhancing operational efficiency. Join us in revolutionizing the future of mining with cutting-edge robotics and software solutions.


Location: Espoo, Finland

We are building a platform for cheap and large-scale hearing testing: Enabling clinicians to diagnose and refer multiple hearing loss patients in a minute instead of one patient/hour. Current R2B, future commercial spin-out (startup, license, partnership)


Location: Cologne, Germany

PLYTEQ provides easy access to complex building systems and enables sustainable, digital and efficient buildings. PLYTEQ gives every building operator a quick overview of the building’s current performance and provides tailored suggestions for optimization. This allows energy and therefore CO2 to be saved and operating costs to be reduced. And all without any configuration effort.

PrecisionPhage Oy

Location: Jyväskylä, Finland

PrecisionPhage Oy, a Finnish company founded upon two decades of phage research, features a large collection of phages and research services along with Phagenomics, a cutting-edge online platform for bacteriophage genome analysis. With our Phagenomics Software-as-a-Service, all DNA-sequence based phage analyses, annotations, phage product validations, genomic comparisons, phage cocktail designs and other steps in therapeutic use and academic research can be done by anyone. We are a comprehensive partner for research and development within the establishing phage ecosystem.


Location: Antwerpen, Belgium

PROJECT UNBOUNDED aims to increase gender equality in the workplace by providing unisex overalls. The overalls incorporate a patented system that allows the overalls to adjust to male and female bodies and to simplify toilet use. The system has the added bonus of reducing the number of sizes.


Location: Bochum, Germany

We specialize in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of micromechanical sensors that revolutionize traditional sensing methods. Unlike conventional sensors reliant on electrical energy, our sensors offer a unique selling proposition: they operate entirely without electrical components such as memories or amplifiers. Instead, our chips are ingeniously crafted from purely mechanical parts, like mechanical memories or mechanical A/D converters. What sets our sensors apart is their ability to harness the mechanical energy inherent in the signal itself to conduct measurements. This approach not only eliminates the need for electrical energy but also renders batteries obsolete. Our primary focus lies in strain sensors that are required for condition and structural health monitoring. They are used for long-term monitoring of stress, strain, or mechanical overload in critical infrastructure such as tunnels, bridges, motor shafts, and even the Tahko cable car.

Scaleport AI Oy

Location: Oulu, Finland

We build advanced Shopping Assistants for eCommerce. Lack of personalised shopping recommendations and high quality automated customer support.

Sova3D Oy

Location: Helsinki, Finalnd

Sova3D Oy provides a 3D digital twin platform for land use cases. Same platform is offered for 3rd party developers for other use cases and domains. Our solution is combining very innovatively 3D web, 3d digital twins, open standards, existing surveying data from “maanmittauslaitos” and municipalities own registers. Besides of that our solution brings technologies developed for games for technical users. All that combining technology will make old and boring work interesting and enjoyable. Just like one of our clients said it “I feel again a little kid and enjoy my work when using the Sova3d system”.


Location: Oulu, Finland

Lights, Camera, Stream! Experience the thrill of YouTube Shorts and TikTok vibes on your own website. No need to establish video streaming solutions for your website, you can use our SaaS to control your videos on admin dashboard and showcase your videos on your websites.

Traitspotter Oy

Location: Jyväskylä, Finland

30-50 % Boost to your marketing and sales with the Traitspotter HubSpot App. Update your contacts, find more decision makers and know exactly what kind of communication works the best with them. Really connect with your contacts and start closing more deals!


Location: Kuopio, Finland

We are developing Surgerix algorithm & software to improve surgical ergonomics and outcomes in microsurgery. While we are developing a new technology for surgeons, we are also creating better outcomes for the patients. We aim for shorter time of surgery, less use of anesthesia and other expensive drugs, less personnel involved during surgery and aftercare.

SURGERIX: Overview | LinkedIn

Vesinova Oy

Location: Kuopio, Finland

Establishment of Eco-friendly and sustainable aquaculture technology of Whiteleg shrimps using state-of-the art recirculating aquaculture system (RAS). Domestic production of Whiteleg shrimps not only boosts local economy but also positions Finland to meet the growing seafood demand. Land based RAS uses less water and keeps our lakes clean.


Location: Köln, Germany

VisaFlow digitizes and streamlines VISAs and residence permit processes to assist student and worker migration. With VisaFlow, you can easily and quickly apply for a German VISA, saving you time and money. Get your VISA application started today.

VitalSigns Oy

Location: Espoo, Finland

VitalSigns is a spin-off of a 4 years long research project from Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland. The company is developing a next generation, patent pending, smart and connected medical device which will fundamentally change the physical examination of patients in primary health care. This innovation detects and analayses multiple biosignals at once and documents the results. The device, app and AI analysis can also be used by consumers at home, for telemedicine and veterinary medicine. The solution reduces the time spent per patient, and improves diagnostic accuracy significantly. A subscription-based business model would guarantee recurring yearly revenue of up to €1b in the EU only.

Wearable Biomarker and EEG Device / Shekhar Singh / Neuro Ninjas

Location: Kuopio, Finland

Our startup idea is a wearable medical device that can monitor vital signs and sleep and detect early signs of health issues through sleep monitoring. The product reduces the need for frequent clinical visits and gives clinicians the data required to detect and address sleep problems early. The device uses machine learning algorithms to analyze the data and provide personalized health recommendations to the user. From a technical standpoint, the device is equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing it to seamlessly integrate with other devices and platforms. The device has the potential to generate revenue through sales and partnerships with healthcare providers. Our startup idea has the potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry by providing personalized and proactive care to patients.

Audra Shallal, Vice President of Corenvest; EBAN

The process of raising money for a business venture begins with a great pitch. The « elevator pitch » is an extremely concise presentation of an entrepreneur's idea, business model, company solution, competitiveness and marketing strategy delivered to potential investors. The workshop, conducted by a seasoned entrepreneur/business angel and an expert in Pitch Coaching, will highlight some of the key steps involved in presenting an effective pitch and will provide attendees with inspiration, effective tools, and increased awareness of the challenge of entrepreneurship in today’s highly competitive business environment.

x The construction of a powerful one-minute pitch.
x Identification of Key Elements investors require in a 10-minute presentation.
x The process of Fine-Tuning Investor Ready Skills to pitch to investors in the marketplace, engaging them to want to know more about your project and the potential of being interested in possibly investing in your company.

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Sointu Borg on puhuja, yrittäjä, ekonomi sekä media- ja somepersoona. Isomman yleisön tietoisuuteen hän nousi voitettuaan realityformaatti Diilin vuonna 2021. Soinnun rajoja rikkova ja räiskyvä asenne hakee vertaistaan! Terävä, sensuroimaton ja huumorilla höystetty ulosanti kuuluvat naisen tavaramerkkeihin.Sointu kuuluu tällä hetkellä Suomen kysytyimpiin ja mielipiteitä herättävimpiin henkilöbrändeihin. Hän omaa runsaasti kokemusta juontamisesta, kameran edessä työskentelystä, puhumisesta sekä

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Join us for an insightful presentation on the important role of teamwork in fostering intellectual property (IP) within growth companies and startups. This session will look at how different roles - from technical to creative to business strategists - each contribute uniquely to IP creation. How technical experts innovate with unique technologies and software, creatives enhance branding and design, and strategists develop game-changing business models and trade secrets. The focus will be on the synergy between these diverse roles and how their collaboration is key to building rich and powerful IP assets. This presentation aims to inspire companies to unlock the full potential of their teams, driving IP success and fostering business growth.

Suvi Julin, Lawyer, Patent Attorney, European Trademark and Design Attorney

Suvi has wide-ranging experience in the field of intellectual property and technology law. She advises clients on a variety of contentious and non-contentious intellectual property matters including trademarks, designs and patents as well as in copyright, contractual, employee invention and privacy matters.

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Elias Aalto is one of the founders and the original product lead of Wolt. He's also a co-founder of Qvik – a digital agency that has grown organically to over 120 experts. Prior to them, he designed and developed early games on the iOS, claiming the first Apple Design Award in the Nordics for his game Wooden Labyrinth 3D.

After exiting Wolt, Elias has concentrated on bringing up his daughters and dabbling in angel investing. Recently he joined Shark Tank Finland as one of the sharks on the show.

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Join us at the Kuopio Health Side event @Tahko SLP - where health meets innovation, and opportunities abound! Kuopio Health side event is aimed at investors, startups, entrepreneurs, R2B teams, and of course ecosystem members. The event offers a unique opportunity for networking and making new contacts with actors in the same field. Sit down with investors or exchange ideas with other attendees and hear what's new in the industry.

Side event is open4all, but requires registration: Kuopio Health side event @Tahko SLP - Kuopio Health


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Juho Pesonen is a professor of tourism business and deputy head of the department at University of Eastern Finland Business School. He is a member of the Tourism Business research group and the director of the International Master’s Degree Programme in Tourism Marketing and Management. Prof. Pesonen completed his Ph.D. in marketing at University of Eastern Finland, focusing on market segmentation in rural tourism. Now his research focuses on understanding how tourism businesses can survive and thrive in the digital and sustainability transformations. Prof. Pesonen also has the title of Adjunct Professor of digital marketing at University of Turku. He has widely published his research in dozens of peer-reviewed academic journals and has edited several books in the tourism field. He also holds several board positions in companies and associations.

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12.00 Tervetuloa!
Antti-Jussi Pitkälä, puheenjohtaja, Kuopion alueen kauppakamarin kauppa-, matkailu- ja palveluvaliokunta

12.05 Kasvua kansainvälisestä matkailusta – Markkinat, yhteistyö ja myynti
Heli Saari, Area Manager, Visit Finland

12.25 Pohjois-Savon Matkailu Oy – Maakunnallinen yhteistyö kilpailuetuna
Pekka Vihma, hallituksen puheenjohtaja, Pohjois-Savon Matkailu Oy

12.55 Navitas Yrityspalvelut – TBC
13.10 TBC

13.25 Data kansainvälisen matkailun vauhdittajana
Juho Pesonen, matkailuliiketoiminnan professori, Itä-Suomen Yliopisto

13.40 Kestävä matkailu – Kulttuuriperintömatkailu kansainvälisenä vetovoimatekijänä
Kirsi Piirainen, projektipäällikkö, Iisalmen kaupunki

13.55 Loppuyhteenveto
Antti-Jussi Pitkälä, puheenjohtaja, Kuopion alueen kauppakamarin kauppa-, matkailu- ja palveluvaliokunta

14.00 Tilaisuus päättyy.

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14.30 Welcome!

14.35 Orion - A short description of the phenomenon

14.40 Pitch 1

14.50 Pitch 2

15.00 Pitch 3

15.10 Pitch 4

15.15 Closing words

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13.30 Welcome!

13.35 Kemira - A short description of the phenomenon

13.40 Pitch 1

13.50 Pitch 2

14.00 Pitch 3

14.10 Pitch 4

14.15 Closing words

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Ennakoinnin, markkinatuntemuksen ja käyttäytymisen muutosten ymmärtäminen ovat avainasemassa, kun innovaatiotoimintaan integroidaan sidosryhmiä, uusia teknologioita, käyttäjälähtöistä suunnittelua, datavetoisia tuotteita ja palveluita sekä asiakaskeskeistä strategiaa kestävän kasvun tavoittelemiseksi. Lähestymistapa edellyttää poikkitieteellistä osaamista ja kykyä hyödyntää eri alojen mahdollisuuksia, jotta voidaan kehittää innovaatioita, jotka vastaavat asiakkaiden tarpeisiin ympäristöä ja yhteiskunnallista vastuuta kunnioittaen.

Innovation Practitioners Communityn Antero Kivikoski ja Janne Pulkkinen johdattavat osallistujat tämän hetken keskeisimpiin kysymyksiin innovaatiojohtamisen saralla. Käytännönläheiset esimerkit ja monikulmainen keskustelu tarjoavat tuoreita näkökulmia oman toiminnan kehittämiseen.

klo 8.45 Kahvit ja verkostoitumista.
klo 9.00 Avauspuheenvuoro – Kuopion alueen kauppakamari ja Itä-Suomen yliopisto
klo 9.10 Innovaatiojohtamisen uusi aika – Innovation Practitioners Community ry Janne Pulkkinen ja Antero Kivikoski
klo 10.50 Päätöspuheenvuoro – Itä-Suomen yliopisto vaikuttavuusjohtaja Minna Hendolin
klo 11.00 Tilaisuus päättyy – Kuopion alueen kauppakamari

Tilaisuus on maksuton ja avoin kaikille aiheesta kiinnostuneille. Workshop on osa Kuopion alueen kauppakamarin Pohjois-Savon elinkeinoelämän TKI-toimintaympäristöselvitys -hanketta (A91005, Etelä-Savon ELY-keskus).

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How to Rock Your IPO  - Everything You Need to Know about going public

Join us for an insightful conversation with Päivi Pakarinen from EY and Minna Korpi from Nasdaq and learn about the benefits, criteria, challenges, and
preparation of going public. Going public is a major milestone in companies growth path, but it also involves a complex and rigorous process that requires careful planning and execution. If you are interested in learning more about the IPO journey, you are invited to join us for a fireside chat with two experts who will share their insights and experiences on this topic.

  • You will hear from Päivi Pakarinen, IPO Leader at EY Advisory, and Minna Korpi, Director in Listings at Nasdaq Nordic, who will explain the key steps and best practices of going public in the Nordic markets. In this fireside chat, they will discuss the advantages, requirements, challenges, and preparation of the IPO process.
  • Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights from Päivi and Minna, who are both experts in the field of IPOs. They will share their knowledge and tips on how to prepare for and execute a successful public offering.
  • The fireside chat will be held in Finnish

Kuinka menestyä IPO:ssa – kaikki mitä sinun tarvitsee tietää listautumisesta pörssiin Tervetuloa mukaan mielenkiintoiseen ja ajatuksia herättävään keskusteluun EY:n Päivi Pakarisen ja Nasdaqin Minna Korven kanssa ja opi listautumisen hyödyistä, kriteereistä, haasteista sekä valmistautumisesta.
Listautuminen pörssiin on merkittävä virstanpylväs yritysten kasvupolulla, mutta se on myös monitahoinen ja tiukka prosessi, joka vaatii huolellista suunnittelua ja toteutusta. Jos olet kiinnostunut oppimaan lisää IPO-matkasta, tervetuloa kuuntelemaan kahden asiantuntijan näkemyksiä ja kokemuksia aiheesta.

  • Kuulet Päivi Pakarisen, EY:n listautumispalveluista vastaavan partnerin, ja Nasdaq Nordicin asiakkuusjohtaja Minna Korven ajatuksia pörssilistauksen tärkeimmistä vaiheista ja parhaista käytännöistä. Keskustelussa he keskustelevat listautumisprosessin eduista, vaatimuksista, yhtiöiden arvostuksesta, haasteista ja valmistelusta.

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Student track idea contest is a great opportunity for students and their early-stage business concepts to get sparring and coaching for their business ideas. Top cases will pitch in the final, which will be held in Hophaus Tahkovuori. The best contestants will be rewarded. More about Student track idea contest.

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