Supporting business in international markets with intellectual property

13:00 – 14:00 @Piazza upstairs

A discussion session hosted by Berggren’s intellectual property and legal experts. Our IPR Gurus will introduce the potential and importance of different forms of IP protection from the perspective of growth companies. Participants can share their own experiences, ask questions, and learn how to succeed in new markets through well-managed intellectual property rights.

Main topics for the discussion session:

Boost your business with Intellectual Property Rights (IP)

  • How to protect your brand and technology internationally?
  • How to get your money back?

IP supporting your business in international markets

  • How to secure your market?
  • How to manage risks?

See you also at our stand in Piazza on Wednesday and Thursday at the IPR Snow Cafe on the Sun Terrace. In addition to IP advice, we will hand out some innovative sunglasses, and on Thursday we will offer a hot drink to warm you up. There is a limited number of sunglasses & drinks available, so act fast.