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The grand prize is 25.000€ in cash and Nordea & Fundu offer a 200 000€ financing to a startup of their choice!​

We welcome startups and startagains from all industries! 
Get your tickets now, while you still can! The ticket is a bargain. It includes dinner, coffees, skiing ticket etc.

The plot:
All contestants will face the judges in the qualifying round on Thursday, a three minute pitch in english, screen available. At the networking dinner you have time to meet with other startups / startagains, have a drink with the investors, and also meet our partners. They are there to take your company to the next level! Fight your way through to the finals on Thursday and you'll be pitching to an investor in a ski lift. 20 startups qualify for Friday's ski lift semifinal battles. 10 finalists meet the judges again in a ski lift. 5 out of them get on the stage for the Final Roast.
The pitch can last 3 minutes each time. You can have your own Pad in the ski lift if you want.

Nowhere can you hang around as close to investors than in Tahko Ski Lift Pitch.
You can also get a stand at the demo area for Thursday!

P.s. we would like you to ski because well.. its a ton of fun, but don't worry, you can totally participate without skis too.

"The investors were in a relaxed mood and they had time to listen to us startups.
Two days of Tahko offered plenty of opportunities and the intimate atmosphere allowed everyone to have great conversations with great people."

Everyone pitches!

All startups and startagains have
their chance in front of the judges.

10.30 - 16:30 
The Marathon Pitch Day
@ Piazza & Mosquito 

  • Tomi Kaukinen Pitching Boost 10.30
  • ​Matchmaking Area and Meetings
  • Side Events
  • Demo Area

10:15 - 17.00 Health 19 side event by UEF
@ Piazza

  • Industrial Keynotes
  • Investment Stories
  • New Innovations

19.00 - 22.00 TahkoSLP Dinner Party
@ Piazza 

  • "Investors Only" Cocktails (18.00-19.00)
  • Networking Dinner
  • The Announcement of the 20 Semifinalists


FRIDAY 5 April

20 semi-finalists will give
their best pitches in the ski lift.

9.00 - 17.00
Tahko Ski Lift Pitch
@ Panorama-Bar
Hosted by André Noël Chaker

  • Ski Lift Pitch Battle -semifinals
  • Matchmaking
  • Networking
  • Downhill Skiing
  • Ski Lift Pitch Battle -finals

Startup info

  • Let´s start our day with Tomi Kaukinen´s Pitching Boost @Mosquito startup stage
  • All pitches are 3 minutes in english, check below when is your time. Judges have time for two questions after the pitch (in english). You have backstage area where to wait for your pitch.
  • Pitching material, such as PowerPoints, must be delivered on Sunday 31, March the latest (
  • You are allowed to take a pad in the ski lift or other small products to better showcase your innovation
  • Registeration opens at 9:00 on Thu at Piazza, it is open all day
  • You are allowed a small (2m2) stand on Thursday (a bar table, your rollup, your laptop... maybe). Time to set up your stand: 9-10am or 13-14pm. Wrap up after 17:00pm. That means you could have your stand 9-17 or 13-17, what ever is best for you. Please tell Roni, if you need a stand, or answer the e-mail asking that.
  • Take full use of Brella, our matchmaking tool, to arrange more specified meetings. 
  • Networking dinner at 19pm is included in your ticket. The semifinalists and their judges will be announced during the evening. The semifinalists are asked to the stage, so be there on time!
  • The Friday we will spend on the slopes! The semifinals, Ski Lift  Pitch Battle I, is on 9:00-11:00 (20 -> 10 startups) and Battle II on 12:00-14:00 (10->5 startups) at Panorama Bar and lift. 
  • The Final Roast for the best 5 on 14:30-15:30 at Panorama Stage
  • The skiing is the best way to arrive Panorama Bar. 
  • Also, you can easily walk there (1km) and take the ski lift to Panorama Bar. First walk a cross the bridge, then turn right and walk 800m. We have signs on the way. 
  • I takes about 30 minute time from the Sokos Hotel to Panorama (car, ski, walk)
  • You are not allowed to come to Panorama with your own car, because there is no parking place for this many cars.
  • We will spend the Friday in Panorama Restaurant, pavillion and teracce. Lunch is included to your ticket. The bar and cafeteria is open too.
  • Brella is at use, so book meetings for Panorama too.
  • At 16:00 we will know who will ski down with 25.000€ and who wan the Investors Choice prize
  • Remember to pack warm clothes and winter shoes since it might get chilly on the top! We suggest many layers :)
(Details about transportation, hotels and code of conduct found on our Info page.)

Qualification round on Thursday at Piazza

This is the pitching order:

10:30-12:00 am
Tomi Kaukinen Pitching Boost to get us started!
Judges: Jari Osmala, Kari Pulkkinen, Jussi Rieppo
Mikko Ahokas consulting / / Ceriffi / Appiots  / Afekta / Mediani / Neemo / Asenno / PillarHall / RestaPoint / Medinoa / Dwellet

12:00-13:15 am
Judges: Tommi Äijälä, Lennu Keinänen, Christina Forsgård
Kyvykäs markkinapaikka / Innovator Campus / Causalus / Rentle / Almerin / Qaira / Sikkum Global / Kelluu / Technobug / Fiftogram for Healthcare / Liveto

13:15-14:30 am
Judges: Sami Etula, Minna Korpi, Pasi Korpela
3AWater / PreclinApps / Locia / SmartWatcher / JoyHaptics / Atlantisat / Selko / Superest / Fomatec / Codemenders / Sunsampo

14:30-15:45 am
Judges: Juho Romakkaniemi, Mika Sutinen, Vesa Lehtinen
Midnight Academy / Ravistamo / AUVCT / Saftir / Dikaios / Doerz / SleepCircle / CONSAIR / Carecare / Chic Mini Me / Asuntamo / AdBeast

Changes are possible.


Ski Lift Pitch Battle I

Be by the ski lift at 9.00!

Judge Jari Osmala
#1 Afekta & Saftir. 9.30 Up Hill
#2 AUVCT & PillarHall. 9.40 Down Hill

Judge Vesa Lehtinen
#3 JoyHaptics & Fomates. 9.50 Up Hill
#4 Doerz & Kelluu. 10.00 Gown Hill

Judge Anssi Lehikoinen
#5 Liveto & Qaira Oy. 10.10 Up Hill
#6 Dwellet & Dikaios. 10.20 Down Hill

Judge Minna Korpi
#7 & Causalus. 10.30 Up Hill
#8 Consair & PreclinApps. 10.40 Down Hill

Judge Jussi Rieppo
#9 3A Water & Ravistamo. 10.50 Up Hill
#10 Selko & Rentle. 11.00 Down Hill