Startup Ski Academy

Relaxed meeting and pitching events in
Kuopio every 6 weeks, starting at 16:00 o'clock.

ps. You don´t actually need skies

Next events 2019

3.10. Ski Academy in the brand new Business Center, at 16:22

Tero Saksman, SAAS
Mikko Heiskanen, How to get everything out from LinkedIn?
Brainstorming for Ski Academy for the future.


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19.9. Sawosta Maailmalle ja Investor Day: get your tickets soon!

7.11. How to survive Slush 
November – Kuopio goes SLUSH 20.11. & SLUSH 21.-22.11.

Previous events

Thu 22.8. Ski Academy at PUIJON TORNI

Keynote Ricardo Patino, Creative Director, Oddy inc

The greatest startup misconception - Why brand marketing is useless for startups

In early startup efforts, it’s better to focus on the basics. Understand who are your users, deliver a great product to the market that grows organically and monetize,
and most importantly grow your team. Let’s find out together what the roles of branding and brand marketing really are and how startups may benefit from them.


9.5.2019 at 16:22, Kuopion Saana 

Timo Joutsenoja, possibilities of IPR for startups

Lets continue skiing with a wonderfull lake view! The new Saana will be our next Ski Academy place. The subject will be IPR possibilities with Kolster´s Senior IPR Business Manager Timo Joutsenoja, DI, TkT, from whom you can ask anything about the matter. Don´t worry, we will have the session in english if there is just one, who's finnish is not fluent.
Check out more about Timo here.
Saana, Siikaranta 12.

Tervetuloa kuulemaan ja keskustelemaan asiantuntijan kanssa IPR-asioiden merkityksestä ja mahdollisuuksista start-up -yrityksille. Aluksi kerrataan lyhyesti IPR:n perusteita ja sitten käydään läpi käytännönläheisesti mitä IPR asioita aloittavan yrityksen on hyvä huomioida. Kannattaako patentointiin investoida? Mitä vaihtoehtoja on? Miten IPR vaikuttaa yrityksen arvonmuodostukseen?





14:00-16:00 Workshop - "Financing and valuation. How to get financing for my company? How does valuation work? What kind of investors are out there? What is a shareholder's agreement and what do I need to know about it?
At 16:22 Ski Academy at 16:22
Tomi Kaukinen: "From Helsinki to Real Madrid" -An inspiring story of how on earth a little startup from Helsinki ends up doing business with one of the world biggest sporting clubs in Spain? 
The pitching competition - the winner gets a ticket to Tahko Ski Lift Pitch!

Tomi Kaukinen is a serial entrepreneur and a speaker who has worked with the world's biggest sports teams and taken his companies all the way to Malesia. Now he focuses on mentoring startups and his License to Fail concept. Go check it out - lots of useful hands-on info about the startup world! (In Finnish)
He is passionate, knowledgeable, detail oriented, creative and committed to advising startups.


MR. Atte Penttinen

At 16:22 Ski Academy - Atte Penttinen will tell about Maria01 which is a community campus for ambitious tech startups. Home to the next generation of tech teams working side by side with venture capitalists, established companies, and the extended ecosystem to help each other succeed in the competitive startup environment.
Could we find a similar facility in Kuopio? We're here to find out.

Welcome to Ski Academy!

Startups play important role in every economic region. The objective of this project is to create and strengthen the startup community in Pohjois-Savo area. The idea game from the starups itselves, so there clearly is a need for getting together. The mechanism is to produce regular events that are easy to access for entrepreneurs of the area. In these events the startups or teams and all the parties that offer services for startups are meeting in relaxed way. Learning, networking and benchmarking are the ways to make Pohjois-Savo startup community strong. The themes are changing, based on wishes of the field. Important objectives are that startups will meet bigger companies in these events, idea being the future cooperation, that will give both the parties great business possibilities. 

Karolina Huuhtanen

Project Manager
Creating a succesful North-Savo startup community -project
Kuopio Chamber of Commerce