Varkaus – the export capital of North Savo

With a 200-year-long history in forest, energy and metal sectors, Varkaus has a strong position as one of Finland’s most significant industrial cities. Today Varkaus is the export capital of North Savo with a global identity, making it the excellent city to work, do business and enjoy life.

Located in the scenic views of Lake Saimaa with roughly 20 000 inhabitants, Varkaus truly is a city larger than its size. In recent five years, companies have invested over 400 million in Varkaus region. Some of the largest investments include leading corporations Aikawa Fiber Technologies, ANDRITZ, Finnforel and Stora Enso.

Even during worldwide pandemic, the companies in the region recorded growth in turnover and exports.

– With annual exports of 750 million, Varkaus is the top exporter in North Savo and Eastern Finland, says Jouko Laitinen, the Managing Director of Navitas Business Services.  

According to Laitinen, companies operating in Varkaus are known for their innovative mindset, bravery and future orientation.

– Several global companies are placing their trust in Varkaus as a potential platform for growth. This is the result of determination and long-term cooperation. The municipality of Varkaus has also made significant investments for business opportunities and development.

World-class networks to boost success

As a regional development company, Navitas Business Services helps existing companies and newcomers to find suitable premises, skilled workforce and collaborators.

– Due to unique heritage, our city has a close-knit and accessible business network built around key industries, Laitinen says.

In support of machine and metal industry, North Savo region is witnessing the establishment of an extensive energy cluster.

– The Energy Cluster North Savo aims to improve international growth potential of businesses in the energy sector through innovation, services of research institutions and product development. Our region’s industry leaders are active networkers and partners in the cluster, describes Business Specialist Katja Niiranen.

Live locally, work globally

Varkaus offers diverse career opportunities in a global setting, having over 8400 jobs in 900 companies. As a strong industrial city, it is no surprise that Varkaus has one of the largest engineering hubs in Finland. The region’s secondary and higher education institutes prepare future experts.

– The proximity of nature, short distances and recreational opportunities make our hometown a special place to live, Niiranen adds.

The article is written by SLP Growth Community Strategic Partner – Navitas Business Services