Passion for life and drive for collaboration

We are so excited to be part of the Tahko Ski Lift Pitch event, which is a special way to experience the unique spirit of Kuopio, and this year we have something special for you – the Harmony room for relaxing and recharging your batteries. 

Kuopio is a city with a strong passion for life, internationally recognized talent, and the ability to live in the moment, while working together, to build a better tomorrow for everyone.   

Kuopio is an internationally respected university city with diverse business life and career development opportunities. This combines a constantly evolving operating environment with diverse training and research expertise. Future success is based on competence and the ability to innovate and create something new. Work and leisure intertwine and support each another, giving you the opportunity to build a life that works for you in both respects. The spirit can be experienced in Savilahti while Business Kuopio guides experts, start-ups, and growth companies on their way to success. 

Our city centre is vibrant and located less than two kilometres from the centre is the Savilahti district, a unique campus of three levels of education. Approximately 20 000 future talents are studying or pursuing a postgraduate degree in Savilahti. Within this smart capital lies the future of our region. 

Savilahti provides a platform for growth, development, experimentation, and inspiring living by a beautiful lake, responds to our future needs for living, working, and communicating. The area combines living, studying, working and leisure in a unique way. It is a place where you can live right next to your job and study opportunities and cherry-pick the pieces you need to build a good, balanced life for yourself. 

This buzzing area is home to international companies that are leaders in their fields, and some of the more than a thousand international students in the city also live in the area. Companies give students opportunities to take part in inspiring work trials or even find a job. On the other hand, the companies benefit from having access to a fresh talent graduating from the educational institutions. 

Not mentioning the opportunity to see beyond the obvious. There is always room for innovation and cross-sectional co-operation. We can easily say that Savilahti is a next-generation urban environment. The area has an abundance of positive curiosity and a fresh way of doing things, combined with rock solid expertise and research. Above all, it is an area whose story is co-written by residents and operators together. 

In a survey examining internal migration within Finland, Kuopio was ranked the second most attractive city in the country with almost 123 000 inhabitants. What sets Kuopio apart from the competition are the quality factors of life, environmental factors, a reasonable cost level and friendly people. Our community is our strength, and we like our fellow citizens. 

In Kuopio we believe in a good life that looks like you. For us, this consists of three elements – living, laughter and feeling good. It means a passion for life, flow and movement, smooth everyday routines. It means the freedom to make your own choices and live a life that looks like you, in an environment that suits you, in your own way. 

Kuopio, and Savilahti within it, is a city with a strong passion for life and true drive for collaboration. 

Come to relax and meet us in the Harmony room!  

(12.4.2023 9.00-17.00, Piazza Terrace, 1st Floor) 

With passion, 

The team of Kuopio – the city itself, Savilahti and Business Kuopio