Osuma – Is your company losing competition because you don’t find competent workforce? 

Yes, we have all heard from it! Skill shortage and lack of workforce is everywhere. Companies are complaining that they would invest even more but they have lack of resources. 

Labour market is having crisis now. Covid-19 caused a wave called great resignation. Many people had time to think what they want from their future or working life and many of them decided to leave their job. Either they changed industry which they were working for, or they went back to school. This created a situation in which some industries are having trouble to find talented employees.  

Osuma Henkilöstöpalvelut LTD is a Finnish company that provides solutions for companies having lack of workforce and provides different kind of jobs to employees based on their interests or competencies. We help companies to find skilful resources through our professionals and industry knowledge. We help employees to land on new job or when they are thinking about changing a job. We offer staff leasing, recruitment, job seeking and education services through our networks. 

Sometimes industry in which you are operating is very cyclical. Maybe your unicorn company is scaling up so fast that you need help to outsourcing part of hr-processes? Or as an employee you want to decide when and where to work. In these kind of situations staff leasing can be a good resolution to response to demand spikes, growth problems or job seeking. Our professional hr-services can resolve your problems and help you achieve next level on your business or your work career. 

There is also another way to get talented employees or change your own career path. A bit more demanding but quick path to find skilful employees is recruitment training. In this we work together with our training partner, Centre for Economic Development and TE office. Length of training varies from minimum ten days to maximum 9 months. In this training, company can find employees fast and our training partners ensure that employees are to be trained and will obtain proper level knowledge. We offer this solution in the manner that customer only needs to think what kind of content training should include. 

Come meet us in Tahko Ski Lift Pitch. Let’s talk about talent resourcing or about your next career move. We want to make sure that startups can flourish and people have jobs to choose from. Together we can make future success! Also remember to come listen to our Job Search Tips to Break Sokos Hotel 2nd floor on Wednesday 12th of April at 12.30-13.30 pm.