Navitas Business services – Building a green future in Varkaus region  

With global temperatures rising because of high levels of carbon emissions, the world is facing a climate emergency. It is increasingly understood that a transition to a low-carbon economy is inevitable to curb climate change. The need for renewable energy sources became even more evident last year when Europe plunged into an energy crisis after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

So, what’s the takeaway? There’s never been a more crucial yet exciting time for companies to explore greener and more sustainable business practices! This is especially true in Varkaus region where global corporations are already leading the way ­– and inviting you to join them.

There is a significant network of companies in the field of technology industry and energy technology in Varkaus region. Companies in the region play a major role in providing solutions for the green transition.

It is no surprise that the region known for its 200-year-long industrial heritage is now gaining great interest from investors in the renewable energy sector. One of the most important development sites is Riikinneva, a circular economy hub in Leppävirta near the borders of Varkaus and Joroinen.

On a European scale, Riikinneva has potential to become a flagship for green energy. The site has already attracted a great deal of interest from various operators. A wind farm and a solar power plant are planned for the area. Wega Group Oy is currently weighing an investment decision for a biogas plant that would utilize the biowaste eventually returning some of the digestate to the fields as a soil conditioner. There are also discussions about a possible hydrogen factory that would process carbon dioxide into synthetic methane.

– At the moment, we are looking for new industrial partners that would utilize the waste heat coming from the mentioned processes. In addition to solar energy, biogas and wind power operations, Riikinneva offers potential business opportunities for green hydrogen projects and textile industry, says CEO Jouko Laitinen from Navitas Business Services. 

Navitas Business Services is a regional development company owned by the City of Varkaus. The company is strongly involved in the development of Riikinneva in collaboration with the municipality of Leppävirta.

Some key players are already situated in the area. According to Laitinen, one of the outstanding features of Riikinneva is its own eco power plant operated by Riikinvoima Oy.

– The plant uses waste from 59 municipalities as a fuel for generating power, which Varkauden Aluelämpö Oy then utilizes to produce heat for the residents in Varkaus. A waste management company Keski-Savon Jätehuolto Llky also operates at the site, Laitinen adds.

One of the outstanding features of Riikinneva is its own eco power plant operated by Riikinvoima Oy.

A huge economic boost for North Savo

If implemented, the investments at Riikinneva will benefit not only North Savo but the whole of Eastern Finland. According to estimates, the investments’ regional impact could be worth hundreds of millions. The total impact of investments on the economy of North Savo may amount to a EUR 1 billion.

– These projects can potentially create approximately 100-200 new jobs, strengthening our region’s unique business ecosystem. Now we have an exceptional opportunity to become one of Finland’s frontrunners in the green transition and a hub of expertise that cannot be found anywhere else, Laitinen underlines.

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