Kuopio health – Bringing startups and investors together is our goal

Established in 2019, Kuopio Health is an ever-growing, international community of entrepreneurs, seasoned business professionals, educational, medical and governmental experts who are dedicated to working together towards discovering and accelerating relevant ideas based on pressing human needs and ultimately transforming them into viable commercial applications. 

While our approach is built on three pillars – insight, collaboration and contribution – the heart of ecosystem is the multidisciplinary joint venture, Kuopio Health co-op. itself, which consists of entrepreneurs, innovators, business leaders, and educational, medical and governmental experts who have a thirst for solving the world’s vital health problems. 

Kuopio Health aims to generate inspiring opportunities for new ideas and innovations, provide experts in the field of health and nutrition with opportunities for success, and communicate about excellence in the Kuopio region. Advancing health and wellbeing, not only locally but also globally, are our core activities. We create a framework for implementing joint development projects and organize versatile events and training. 

– Because we cherish the word together, we also want to be part of Tahko Ski Lift Pitch event. Also, this business event is the most significant in the Eastern Finland area, so of course we are in. We are committed to promoting multidisciplinary collaboration and openness. And that is what we wish to do also at the Tahko SLP, gather health startups and investors together, so they can reach for the second level with their ideas and goals. Bringing health topic as a part of the event is more current today than ever, says CEO Aki Gröhn from Kuopio Health. 

Marginum – Kuopio Health member organization
Marginum, today, Kuopio Health member organization, which is a university-based medical technology startup developing fluorescence-based tissue detection systems, won the grand prize of Tahko SLP in 2022. The Company’s data-driven solutions enable safe and efficient monitoring of tumor tissues during cancer surgery without compromising pre-existent surgical workflows. Then medical student, CEO & Co-Founder Samu Lehtonen, lead the winning pitch.  

– We considered, that by participating we can grow regional visibility of the company. In addition, growing networks in the form of possible new investors and cooperation contacts was one factor that encouraged participation. I warmly recommend participating Tahko SLP to everyone interested in startup topics. The event is an excellent place for networking, bringing startups, investors, and experts together. Additionally, with pitching and related events, you can also test the slopes of Tahko, sums Samu up. 

– Kuopio’s regional strength is the innovation ecosystem, especially focused on health technology, from which our company has also benefited significantly. Kuopio Health side event is an excellent addition to Tahko SLP, Samu ends.