It’s always a new day – Novapolis CoWork brings life back to work

Do you know the feeling of enthusiasm when you arrive in a fascinating and vibrant space? Think what it would be like to work in such a place. All work is no longer site-dependent nor does work have to end at a certain time. That’s why you can take your work with you wherever you go – on a nature trip, around the world trip, at home, or in a surprising place. Novapolis CoWork can also always offer something new, being responsible for both the ongoing change and variation in work, and the yearning for a working community in Kuopio.

A workstation is no longer a station

The conventional way of working is in transition. Although technology has accelerated change, the idea has existed for a long one. More and more people see work as an intensive part of themselves and everyday life. We no longer distinguish between the work and weekday me, rather we determine when and where we do our work.

In the 2020s, there is a need for vibrancy and aesthetics around work. Wherever you work, the workspaces must be functional and, above all, pleasant. Natural light, tidiness, plants, warmth and natural elements stimulate creativity and provide energy. It connects people undetected. When work is fun, your mind is open to meeting people around you. This is how a working community is created that will provide more good feelings and give working life a driving force.

Own peace and quiet does not mean being alone

Novapolis CoWork combines the best parts of the working day. As its name suggests, people are met, ideas are exchanged, and inspiration is achieved by functional working spaces and delicious services. You can also work alone, but surrounded by people. Simply choose a shared space or a quiet place to work. More options are provided with sound-insulated Meeting Boxes, suitable for small, private meetings.

Be the one that optimises your time

KPY Novapolis, located in the growing Savilahti district of Kuopio, is involved in supporting flexible hybrid work and reforming the working day experience. CoWork has now been opened as the place for encountering the community and driving the work transition, where variation, experience and community spirit become reality.

CoWork represents a new age working experience, where everyday life is first and foremost lively and encouraging, and never lonely.

The new era of work has begun.

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Novapolis CoWork – Always a new day.

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The article is written by SLP Growth Community Strategic Partner – KPY Novapolis