City of Iisalmi shows its genuine support to businesses by providing low-threshold assistance for development and growth

Background. The City of Iisalmi values its excellent provision of business services and intends to keep investing in it.

“Iisalmi is a ‘small big city’ with a vibrant economy and several leading companies of national and global importance, such as Ponsse, Normet and Genelec. But because we are also a city of short distances, our excellent services are easily accessible,” says Business Specialist Eija Heilio.

How Iisalmi benefits start-ups and relocating companies:

  • Established subcontracting chains and networks associated with leading companies.
  • Opportunities to target international markets.
  • Accessible services without an oversized organisation.
  • An open, interactive and pro-business environment.
  • The City’s dedicated, efficient business development office.
  • Agile services that enable businesses to focus on their core functions.

Savo openness. “People in the Savo region are well known for being sociable and easy to approach. Newcomers always tell us how easy they find it to be here. This open and friendly atmosphere is also genuinely present in business-to-business activities. Companies engage in an active dialogue and know each other,” says Eija Heilio.

Heli Pironetti and Eija Heilio, business specialists working for the City of Iisalmi, help both new and established businesses. (Photo: City of Iisalmi)

In practice. The City of Iisalmi supports all businesses, whether they be start-ups or established companies going through major changes. “For example, there is more EU support available here in Eastern Finland than in the Helsinki metropolitan area, which is why we also offer help for planning investment and development projects and applying for funding. In this region, investment support from the structural funds can be up to 30 to 35 per cent,” says Eija Heilio.

In addition, businesses are offered:

  • start-up advice on
    • premises
    • practical measures
    • registrations
  • services by established companies
    • advice on operational changes
    • support for business expansion, for example with equipment investments and premises
    • Enterprise Finland’s extensive collaboration network

“We know that a business establishing operations here will not only choose Iisalmi for our beautiful nature and nice people, but is often driven by our existing skills base, good transport connections and effective support services. Having said that, these lake scenes don’t hurt either!” says Business Specialist Eija Heilio.

The article is written by SLP Growth Community Strategic Partner – City of Iisalmi