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Eastern Finland’s largest start-up event, Tahko Ski Lift Pitch, brings together entrepreneurs and investors and is a great opportunity for multiple reasons. We at the Business Center North-Savo have seen that the startups, entrepreneurs, or for example research to business teams and students, usually seek several things from events of this kind, including: 

  • Networking opportunities: Entrepreneurs, startups, researchers, or teams with ideas participate in events to get in touch with potential customers, partners, investors, and industry experts. 
  • Visibility and exposure: Participating in startup events provides a platform for teams to present their products or services to a large or selected audience. 
  • Feedback and validation: Events offer startup companies or teams who are still developing their solution the opportunity to receive feedback on their products, services and business models from potential customers and several target groups at once. 
  • Learning: Participants attend events to learn about new trends, technologies, and best practices in their field or from other fields of expertise. 
  • Funding and investments: In the event, potential investors are told about the business opportunities to invest or for partnering. Funding is sought to grow the business. 

In Business Center Pohjois-Savo’s Business coaching towards Tahko or in general, attention is paid to the practical capabilities of the participating teams or individuals, like what are their sales preparedness, and, in general, evaluating the feasibility of the idea. For example, we will evaluate together with the customer how the team’s skills are positioned related to the business case and what the plan is like in terms of product development and necessary go-to-market steps towards the first sales.  

In the Bootcamp and Draft business idea acceleration programs, we have noticed that every team should not be forced into one mold. Successful business ideas, new solutions, and practices are essentially related to differentiation, to the allowance of experiments, and the steering of several experiments toward concrete outputs and validated learning. Placing every team or individual in one mold does not build the best starting point for building a new venture. 

In the current business environment, several skills must be mastered, and things are not necessarily worth doing alone. This collaboration and hands-in-the-clay attitude is what we cultivate in our coaching with the customers towards Tahko Ski Lift Pitch too. It is a pleasure to note that North-Savo has a particularly diverse range of expertise; from industrial automation to new product ideas and services, such as art-based consulting and artificial intelligence solutions. Digitalization and changes in traditional industries are often seen as the basis of new business ideas. We see this versatility in the ideas as an important issue. So, we are curious that from what industry or area of expertise teams or individuals we are helping are from and what resources we can specifically offer them. We also strongly consider an international mindset to be a key part of success. 

We are happy to see you at Tahko Ski Lift Pitch. Please free to contact or see our team, we provide help before and after the event! 

Matti Laitinen
Business Center, Business Coach 
+358 44 785 6333 

Tomi Tuovinen 
Business Center, Innovation advisor 
+358 50 571 5046 

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Audra Shallal, Vice President of Corenvest; EBAN

The process of raising money for a business venture begins with a great pitch. The « elevator pitch » is an extremely concise presentation of an entrepreneur's idea, business model, company solution, competitiveness and marketing strategy delivered to potential investors. The workshop, conducted by a seasoned entrepreneur/business angel and an expert in Pitch Coaching, will highlight some of the key steps involved in presenting an effective pitch and will provide attendees with inspiration, effective tools, and increased awareness of the challenge of entrepreneurship in today’s highly competitive business environment.

x The construction of a powerful one-minute pitch.
x Identification of Key Elements investors require in a 10-minute presentation.
x The process of Fine-Tuning Investor Ready Skills to pitch to investors in the marketplace, engaging them to want to know more about your project and the potential of being interested in possibly investing in your company.

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Sointu Borg on puhuja, yrittäjä, ekonomi sekä media- ja somepersoona. Isomman yleisön tietoisuuteen hän nousi voitettuaan realityformaatti Diilin vuonna 2021. Soinnun rajoja rikkova ja räiskyvä asenne hakee vertaistaan! Terävä, sensuroimaton ja huumorilla höystetty ulosanti kuuluvat naisen tavaramerkkeihin.Sointu kuuluu tällä hetkellä Suomen kysytyimpiin ja mielipiteitä herättävimpiin henkilöbrändeihin. Hän omaa runsaasti kokemusta juontamisesta, kameran edessä työskentelystä, puhumisesta sekä

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Join us for an insightful presentation on the important role of teamwork in fostering intellectual property (IP) within growth companies and startups. This session will look at how different roles - from technical to creative to business strategists - each contribute uniquely to IP creation. How technical experts innovate with unique technologies and software, creatives enhance branding and design, and strategists develop game-changing business models and trade secrets. The focus will be on the synergy between these diverse roles and how their collaboration is key to building rich and powerful IP assets. This presentation aims to inspire companies to unlock the full potential of their teams, driving IP success and fostering business growth.

Suvi Julin, Lawyer, Patent Attorney, European Trademark and Design Attorney

Suvi has wide-ranging experience in the field of intellectual property and technology law. She advises clients on a variety of contentious and non-contentious intellectual property matters including trademarks, designs and patents as well as in copyright, contractual, employee invention and privacy matters.

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Elias Aalto is one of the founders and the original product lead of Wolt. He's also a co-founder of Qvik – a digital agency that has grown organically to over 120 experts. Prior to them, he designed and developed early games on the iOS, claiming the first Apple Design Award in the Nordics for his game Wooden Labyrinth 3D.

After exiting Wolt, Elias has concentrated on bringing up his daughters and dabbling in angel investing. Recently he joined Shark Tank Finland as one of the sharks on the show.

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Join us at the Kuopio Health Side event @Tahko SLP - where health meets innovation, and opportunities abound! Kuopio Health side event is aimed at investors, startups, entrepreneurs, R2B teams, and of course ecosystem members. The event offers a unique opportunity for networking and making new contacts with actors in the same field. Sit down with investors or exchange ideas with other attendees and hear what's new in the industry.

Side event is open4all, but requires registration: Kuopio Health side event @Tahko SLP - Kuopio Health


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Juho Pesonen is a professor of tourism business and deputy head of the department at University of Eastern Finland Business School. He is a member of the Tourism Business research group and the director of the International Master’s Degree Programme in Tourism Marketing and Management. Prof. Pesonen completed his Ph.D. in marketing at University of Eastern Finland, focusing on market segmentation in rural tourism. Now his research focuses on understanding how tourism businesses can survive and thrive in the digital and sustainability transformations. Prof. Pesonen also has the title of Adjunct Professor of digital marketing at University of Turku. He has widely published his research in dozens of peer-reviewed academic journals and has edited several books in the tourism field. He also holds several board positions in companies and associations.

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12.00 Tervetuloa!
Antti-Jussi Pitkälä, puheenjohtaja, Kuopion alueen kauppakamarin kauppa-, matkailu- ja palveluvaliokunta

12.05 Kasvua kansainvälisestä matkailusta – Markkinat, yhteistyö ja myynti
Heli Saari, Area Manager, Visit Finland

12.25 Pohjois-Savon Matkailu Oy – Maakunnallinen yhteistyö kilpailuetuna
Pekka Vihma, hallituksen puheenjohtaja, Pohjois-Savon Matkailu Oy

12.55 Navitas Yrityspalvelut – TBC
13.10 TBC

13.25 Data kansainvälisen matkailun vauhdittajana
Juho Pesonen, matkailuliiketoiminnan professori, Itä-Suomen Yliopisto

13.40 Kestävä matkailu – Kulttuuriperintömatkailu kansainvälisenä vetovoimatekijänä
Kirsi Piirainen, projektipäällikkö, Iisalmen kaupunki

13.55 Loppuyhteenveto
Antti-Jussi Pitkälä, puheenjohtaja, Kuopion alueen kauppakamarin kauppa-, matkailu- ja palveluvaliokunta

14.00 Tilaisuus päättyy.

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14.30 Welcome!

14.35 Orion - A short description of the phenomenon

14.40 Pitch 1

14.50 Pitch 2

15.00 Pitch 3

15.10 Pitch 4

15.15 Closing words

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13.30 Welcome!

13.35 Kemira - A short description of the phenomenon

13.40 Pitch 1

13.50 Pitch 2

14.00 Pitch 3

14.10 Pitch 4

14.15 Closing words

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