Timo Hakkarainen

Co-Founder, Bolt.Works

I am one of the founders of Bolt.Works and have been responsible for marketing and branding in the company since the beginning. In addition, I have been heavily involved in sales and business development in various stages of the company’s growth, and currently I am responsible for our internationalization efforts. I am a shareholder in Software Sauna and Greenstar Hotels, among others. In addition to my previous investments, I am looking for companies whose business model I understand and which hopefully have a need for my scaling expertise and marketing advice.

In recent years, Bolt.Works, a Finnish personnel services industry, has digitalized and quickly risen to become one of the leading companies in the industry. In 2022, Bolt.Works’ revenue reached 103 million euros.

Bolt.Works operates in the construction, industrial, property maintenance, and HoReCa sectors. Daily, the company has over 3,000 employees working simultaneously at client sites, and it serves its clients throughout Finland in 21 locations.

Bolt.Works Co-Founder Timo Hakkarainen talks about the company’s mission in the personnel service industry:

“In the future, the winners in combining work and workers will be companies that know technology but still involve humans. We free up time for the essentials when technology removes manual labor and ‘stupid’ tasks. Then there is time to be humane towards both employees and customers.”