Investment Director KPY

I’m Kirsi Huusko and I work as an investment director at KPY. My background is in financing and supporting growth of fast-growing companies. I’ve also been responsible about leading of business including sales.

KPY is waiting interesting ideas with high growth potential and persons who inspirate with their passion. I appreciate that pitch marks clearly which is The Thing that ensures the success of the company in the future. What is the competitive advantage and on what factors does strategy execution lies on.

We are looking for etsablished companies with growth potential. We are especially interested in companies, which support KPY Nova -strategy. E.g. their services are adaptable at KPY Novapolis or their expertise support the ecosystem around KPY Novapolis. Most important is, that our values match and solution improves something with sustainable way.

We are interested with wide range as you can see. We think that it is important that we can also give something to company beside the money and help with growth. It is a advantage that KPY has long investment horizon, but we also look after good growth potential inside Finland and internationally.