Jari Puranen

Angel Investor

I am an angel investor in several early stage startup companies. I work also as a founding partner and chairman of the board in Start Up Lions Oy, which makes investments into idea and early stage startups.

Passion for me comes from creating something new – ideas or businesses. And this concerns mainly ideas with software and SaaS focus. And of course – working with a motivated team.

Last years I’ve been working on daily basis in a couple of companies (Tavata and Ovio CarBook) as a founding partner. And in addition to this also in several startup companies as a board member. Before this I was an entrepreneur and founder in a software company for 23 years. So I have been entrepreneur nearly all my working life.

In Tahko SLP event I want to meet new people – entrepreneurs and investors. And I have to say that after these two Covid-years, this event is really a big thing for us and me!