How to get there?

Tahko Ski Resort is located approx. 65km to the north east from Kuopio city centre.

Options for transportation:
Free shuttle bus Kuopio-Tahko: THURSDAY - Departure at 8:15 University of Eastern Finland (Yliopistonranta 1, Snellmania, main parking area)
approx 8:30 City Centre (Maljalahdenkatu, behind the town hall)
approx 9:00 Airport (Main entrance)
Arriving at approx 10:00 Tahko

Free shuttle bus Tahko-Kuopio: THURSDAY Departure at 17.15 Tahko: Break Sokos Hotel Tahko parking area
approx 18.25 Airport: Main entrance 
approx 19.00 City Centre: Maljalahdenkatu, behind Town Hall 
approx 19.15 University of Eastern Finland, Snellmania main parking area (Yliopistonranta 1)
by plane:nearest airport in Kuopio - several flights a day from Helsinki, book here
by train:nearest stations are in Siilinjärvi (40km) and in Kuopio (65km), book here
by car:it takes approx. 45minutes from Kuopio
by bus:book here

Taxi is the easiest transportation when going from the airport to Tahko. 
book here Tahkon Kyydit, phone: 0445455695 
Tahko-airport 75€ (1-3 persons),  85€ (4-6 persons), 95€ (7-8 persons)
Let´s get a group together while we are in Tahko. Tell your wishes to our staff!

Tahko Ski Resort,  Kuopio city, Finland.


Break Sokos Hotel Tahko is located next to the main event place Piazza.
Tarjoushinta osallistujille Break Sokos Hotel Tahkossa:
  • Standard-huone alk. 96€/2hh/vrk
Varaukset tai suoraan vastaanotosta varauskoodilla BSkilift20
Tarjoushinta on voimassa 1.3. saakka., +358 107 629 550
Room prices include: Break -breakfast, sauna,
unlimited use of pool and gym between 4 - 9 PM

Check out all options:


Everything on Thursday will take place in the heart of Tahko, restaurant Piazza. You can join us in Piazza whenever it´s ok with you.
Startups have their own schedule with the competition. Through Brella you can book yourself lots to do.
You can freely walk listening to startups qualification round, go check the demoarea, listen to Health19 key notes and meet people with Brella.
Make your day your day!

On Friday the place to be is on the peak of the mountain at Panorama Bar.
Don't go up there with your own car since parking is restricted.
You will find a guided path to the lift which will take you up. It takes about 30  minutes from Sokos Hotel (ski, taxi, walk).

Whilst enjoying the stunning scenery remember that it might get chilly on the top so make sure you take warm clothes!
Don't forget to take a camera - cause really, it's stunning.


Need skis?

Skiing equipment renting in two different Ski Mac stores Promenade and Tirol.
You get -50% by showing your Tahko Ski Lift Pitch ticket!
Whilst enjoying the stunning scenery remember that it might get chilly on the top so make sure you take warm clothes!
Don't forget to take a camera - cause really, it's stunning.

Code of conduct

When receiving the Tahko Ski Lift Pitch badge you respect everyone at the event regardless of their gender, race, religion, age,
sexual orientation, disability or other aspects of what we look like, where we come from and who we are. Everyone is equal.
Disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated in any situation. Not following the rules may lead to expulsion from Tahko Ski Lift Pitch.
Untolerated behaviour includes but is not limited to: Comments that reinforce social structures of domination related to gender, gender identity, and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age or religion. Deliberate intimidation. Unsolicited physical contact. Advocating for, or encouraging, any of the above behaviors.

If you notice someone violating these rules or causing other kind of distubance contact the event staff or get in touch directly
with Silja Huhtiniemi, CEO at Kuopio Region Chamber of Commerce (+358 504 120 559)!
Tahko Ski Lift Pitch is an easy-going event where only the good guys are allowed!


Karolina Huuhtanen
Project Manager, Kuopio Region Chamber of Commerce

Roni Salotaipale
Project Coordinator, Kuopio Region Chamber of Commerce