Pitch your way to the peak!

Ski Lift Pitch Battle is a pitching competition, where two startups pitch their idea to an investor in Tahko’s Panorama Ski Lift. Both startups have three minutes to convince the investor, and only one of them can gets to the finals.

Get your tickets and apply to the competition!

Ski Lift Pitch Battle

Two pitchers, one winner. Pitch your way to the finals. Winner will ski down with 10 000 euros! 

By signing up to event as a startup entrepreneur, you have got an opportunity to apply to the competition, and win an amazing prize. There will be 20 startups in the competition, who will be selected by jury based on the information of the registration form. So, when you sign up to the event, you’re not automatically in the competition!
If you won't be selected to Ski Lift Pitch Battle -competition, you still have a chance to win the competition as a lucky loser! As well as you have a chance to pitch to the investor in a ski lift. All the startup-investor dates will be arranged in ski lifts!