Reverse Pitching

Genelec & Normet

Startups meet corporations!​

Reverse pitching brings together two industry leading companies, Genelec and Normet, and your business. Does your business scale to these two industries? Are you a growth hungry company, with a winning team? Do you believe your solution could serve these companies and create added value? At the event you’ll have a chance to pitch your innovation to these companies. Altogether 10 companies will be chosen to pitch and meet with Genelec’s and Normet’s team: these companies will be contacted personally. Create new beginnings at Tahko Ski Lift Pitch!

How to apply?
Fill in the form whilst purchasing your ticket and you'll have a chance to pitch to the big guys!
If you have already purchased a ticket or you only want to apply for the Reverse pitching instead of the event, please contact us by email. (


Genelec develops high quality studio monitors and active speaker systems. With innovative technologies and recognized designs Genelec products have set a benchmark in the industry.


Normet is a fast growing and innovative technology company specializing in underground mining and tunneling. Normet helps their customers continuously improve their processes, increase the safety and productivity of their underground activities, and improve the sustainability of their operations

Side event provided by Open Upper Ylä-Savo -project