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Tahko Ski Lift Pitch – Reverse Pitching

Reverse pitching brings together industry leading corporations and innovative growth companies! How about pitching your solution to Genelec, Osuuskauppa Peeässä, Normet UK-Muovi or Olvi?

This event is centered around the following themes: Sustainable development & ecology, Sharing economy, Industry 4.0, Foodtech Innovations and Data driven consumer service models. If your company operates and have service or solutions under these themes you are warmly welcome to join.

Reverse pitching is a form of pitching where a corporation will pitch their need for partnership or the current issues they are having with their strategy or operation. In a response to this, the growth companies will pitch their idea, their innovation, for the corporations. Problem pitch – solution pitch.

After the pitching, the growth companies have a chance to meet with the corporations one-on-one to discuss future partnership potential.

Interested to join and pitch your solution?

To attend, please register in the link below and fill in the required information on your company.

Remember to tap the box “I’m interested to pitch our solutions to corporations” if you like to pitch at the event. Together with corporations we will choose 15 most innovative growth companies to pitch their solution at the event. The chosen growth companies will be contacted personally, and you will receive further information in regards to the pitching and preparing for the event later on.
Please note that you do not have to participate in the Tahko Ski Lift Pitch to take part in the Reverse Pitching event, but we highly recommend that. You have time to participate on both, the Tahko Ski Lift Pitch qualification rounds are on Wed, but it will only take 10 min of your time, and after that you can come back to Reverse Pitch programme.



Where: Tahko, Piazza
When: 1.4. at 10-14.30
Cost: Free

The event is hosted by Kuopio Region Chamber of Commerce, Rajaton Ylä-Savo project in co-operation with Innovestor. For futher information, please contact Ms. Anni Hintikka, tel. +358 400 244488 Innovestor.

This event is partially sponsored by the European Union, European Social Fund, the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre) and OLVI-Säätiö via the Grant-in-aid for the development project Rajaton Ylä-Savo (No. S21512).


10:00 am     Welcome to the event!
                    Presentations from the corporations & growth companies pitching their solutions
11:30 am     Lunch
12:30 pm     One-on-one meetings between corporations and growth companies
2:00 pm       Closure of the event


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Genelec is a Finnish family-owned company founded in 1978. From the beginning, the development and manufacture of monitoring speaker systems for audio professionals has been at the heart of the company. Genelec has innovated and emerged as the market leader in active monitors with an unprecedented dedication to research and development. 40 years later, Genelec's philosophy remains unchanged: offering reliability, true-to-life sound for a wide variety of needs, and products with the ability to adapt to a variety of acoustic conditions. Genelec customers receive first-rate support, from acoustic advice and calibration to technical services and long-term product life. Owning a Genelec product is an investment in long-lasting, brilliant and reliable audio.


Genelec Oy has implemented a research project to improve the reliability of headphone audio monitoring with Aural ID software technology. Genelec is looking for technological solutions to the following challenges

  1. Aural ID based plug-in application for creating a new 3D sound world 
    The challenge is an application that guides people through the process of defining Aural ID. The result is a unique modeling file of human hearing. With the Aural ID file, the audio engine can systematically produce an accurate sound image while listening to stereo and immersive audio through headphones.
  2. Utilizing 3D audio as a health technology product
    The challenge is to utilize 3D audio to improve the human hearing aid through a health technology product, e.g. hearing aids
UK-Muovi Oy is a family business with production in Iisalmi. The company has been manufacturing plastic products since 1963. Over the years, operations have always been developed, both in terms of product portfolio and production methods. Today, the largest product groups are Greeny products, UKM reinforcements, Fresh food boxes and UKOREX® EPS thermal insulators, both in sheet form and in 3D. The Greeny product family includes a composter, sandpipers, piers and dock pontoons, as well as a dry toilet that will be launched this spring.
Now the company is facing the same challenge as the rest of the world: how to make our products ecological and smarter.

The challenge:
UK-Muovi Oy is looking for new ecological smart production solutions for plastic products under the Industry 4.0. theme. The measures should improve the company's competitiveness and profitability.
Energy forms of production and energy economy.
Intelligent solutions for production optimization.
New materials and products.

Osuuskauppa PeeÄssä is a regional, co-operative service company operating as a member of the S Group in North Savo. Our business consists of the supermarket trade, travel and food trade, as well as the service station store trade, and fuel trade in 20 municipalities across the region. We are the market leader in all our main business lines, and operate from 80 business units in the North Savo area. The company had a turnover of 594.6 million euros in 2019. Our business idea is to provide our customer-owners with services and benefits.
Growth strategy and technological challenges:
Osuuskauppa PeeÄssä provides its customer-owners with solutions and services based on the digital platform economy, and our aim is to explain them in detail. Our services must be connected to our customer-owners’ daily life. We are currently looking for solutions to the following themes

A sheltered accommodation concept for ageing people
Our population is ageing at an increasing rate à and the need for moderately supported, sheltered accommodation is higher than ever. Our idea is: to an applicable extent, combine the hotel business with the provision of accommodation services to active ageing people. This would give people the opportunity to purchase service packages from various content categories, where the dwelling unit in question would be maintained and managed, even during the client’s long-term absence, due to travel, for example. This could also give the opportunity for gainful leasing during the client’s absence (short-term sub-tenancy).

Extending our platform economy to recycling services
This is a service provided by Osuuskauppa PeeÄssä to its customer-owners for the recycling and re-use of products. Today, children’s playthings and sports equipment, for example, are recycled between peer groups, on flea markets and with the aid of various on-line services such as We would like to participate in this by creating a digital and physical platform for our customer-owners to recycle products as a natural part of their daily business and shopping.
Promoting the sharing economy by providing our customer-owners with shared services
Osuuskauppa PeeÄssä wants promote ecology by producing shared services for its customer-owners. Shared services facilitate the daily lives of customer-owners. We have decided not to make a detailed specification of these services at this stage. Instead we decided to make it later, based on the proposals received.

Preventive digital healthcare services
Municipal healthcare services focus on treating diseases and illnesses, which is mostly expensive (sometimes due to ineffective treatment). This has resulted in a situation where service provision is being taken over by a limited number of (investment fund-owned) companies which see this as a profitable opportunity. Our company could have the opportunity to create and provide a holistic healthcare service, by combining shopping information with healthcare data. This service would focus on the prevention of diseases and illnesses (healthcare), and in the treatment of minor illnesses of the common cold type, through the usage of digital services.

Normet is an innovative, fast growing technology company. We are underground experts driven by continuous improvement and care for environment. We offer complete technical solutions increasing our customers’ profitability through improved safety, cost savings and shortened process cycle.Normet has a broad offering for underground mining and tunnelling: equipment, construction chemicals, rock reinforcement products and services. Normet currently employs over 1300 business professionals and the net sales in 2018 was over 300 million Euro. Normet is a Finnish company operating globally with over 50 locations in 30 countries. 

Normet supplies equipment, building chemicals, rock reinforcement products and related maintenance business globally to mining and tunnel customers. Our customers have a continuing need to streamline their associated underground processes and increase mine transparency, for which Normet is seeking innovative solutions from IoT and digitalization.
The challenge
Utilizing IoT and digitization in underground injection concrete and explosive charging processes
Normet is part of the huge underground ecosystem to which it wants to contribute customer value and at the same time create new business. Along with the traditional business model, we want to build digital services tailored to customer needs, such as aftermarket services, proactive maintenance, data analytics, concreting and batch process applications, etc.  In the future, Normet wants to offer its comprehensive process expertise, such as Spraying as a Service and Charging as a Service, for which we are seeking innovative approaches and partners.

Battery-powered equipment and charging solutions for mining customers
Battery-powered devices and the charging infrastructure they need are available on the market, but in mines the jump from diesel to electric seems to be slowly starting. Replacing a single diesel unit does not yet have the necessary impact on the mine as a whole. How do you convince a customer and prove that with battery-powered devices, in addition to health benefits, TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is cheaper? Normet wants to think of innovative ways and new business models (eg Battery as a Service, Battery 2nd Life) to accelerate the take-up of electric vehicles for mining and tunnel customers.

Olvi plc is a Finnish beverage group with its headquarters and production plant in Iisalmi. Olvi has subsidiaries in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus. Founded in 1878, Olvi is the only independent Finnish brewery ever since the 19th century. Olvi Group's net sales are EUR 384.3 million (2018).

The challenge:
Olvi is looking for growth companies providing new ways to serve consumer customers, especially with data-driven and digital solutions.

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